I have an error indicating "FileName", how can I solve it?

We wish to provide all our players with the best possible gaming experience. We are aware that some of you experience some issues and we are working hard to improve the game to reduce their occurrences.


However, you may have an issue with your Internet browser cache if you have received an error message looking like one of these:

  • Error Info: "FlashCode: 0, HTTPStatus: 200, FileName:93bf6b1dc1d27f322cf639eb1c1223f2_gbl.jsn"
  • Error Info: "FlashCode: 2036, HTTPStatus: 200, FileName: c2059dddf317ec90325dff504a4a58bd_samel_king.swf"
  • Error Info: "FlashCode: 2032, HTTPStatus: 0, FileName:[...]"
  • Error Info: "FlashCode: 2124, HTTPStatus: 0, FileName:[...]"
  • Or any other error message mentioning "FileName"


If so, please clear the cache of your browser. Click here to know how to do so.

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