Why should I get all the Stars in a Case? How do I get a Gold Medal?

You should get all the Stars in a Case for 2 reasons:

  • You will get the Gold Medal in the Case if you earn all the Stars for each Crime Scene of that Case. Gold Medals enable you to unlock the Police Dog Shops! (Learn more)
  • Once you have arrested the killer and completed the Additional Investigation, you will be able to trade Stars for extra Energy Items.

Winning the Gold Medal

In every Case, you can earn a Gold Medal. To do so, you need to complete 3 steps:

1. Get the Bronze Medal by arresting the killer.

2. Get the Silver Medal by completing the Additional Investigations (click here to learn more about them).

3. Get all the 45 Stars in the case by completing all the crime scenes (that includes hidden objects, puzzles, differences etc.) .


A pop-up will then appear stating that you have won the Gold Medal. Congratulations! This special reward is only granted for players who obtain every single Star in a Case.

Gold-medal-EN.jpg    45-stars.jpg


You will need several Gold Medals in order to unlock the Police Dog Shops. (Learn more)


Trade your Stars for extra Energy Items 

In each Case (except Case 1 and 2), there are 45 Stars to earn. You need 36 Stars to perform all the actions in the Case and in its Additional Investigation. This means you can continue earning up to 9 extra Stars once you have finished a Case. You can trade those extra Stars for Energy Items!



You are currently investigating on Case 6 and would like to get more Energy.

You have earned 39 Stars in Case 4 and have arrested the killer and completed the Additional Investigation so you still have 3 Stars that you did not use. You can go to Case 4 and trade your 3 Stars for a Burger. Then you may return to Case 6 and use that Burger to continue investigating.




To trade Stars for Energy Items, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have arrested the killer and completed the Additional Investigation.


  2. In the Tablet menu, you will now have new options. Click on the "Buy for" button of the Energy Item you want to get.


  3. A pop-up appears indicating you have received the Energy Item. It is stored in your Inventory. Click here to find out how to use Energy Items.


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