What are the Boosters? How can I use them?


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A. What boosters are

B. How to use Boosters

A. What boosters are

Boosters are special power-ups that help you find objects or make a high-score during the Crime Scene Investigation. 


There are 3 different Boosters:

  • Instant_Magnifier.jpg Instant Magnifier: Instantly displays the preview of the hidden items in the Crime Scene. Not available for Differences and Puzzle Bonus Crime Scenes

  • 5_Hints.jpg 5 Hints: Play the Crime Scene with 5 Hints, no matter how many Hints your Partner has

  • 6x_Combo_Starter.jpg x6 Combo Starter: Start the Crime Scene with a completely filled out combo bar


B. How to use Boosters

You will unlock the Boosters when reaching level 5.

To get and use Boosters, follow these steps:

  1. Select a Crime Scene to investigate


  2. In your Partner Selector screen, add the Boosters you want to use, by clicking on the "+" icon next to them.
    You will need to use:
    • 500 Coins for the Instant Magnifier
    • 1500 Coins for the 5 Hints
    • 3000 Coins for the x6 Combo Starter


If you do not have enough Coins, you can purchase more. Click here to know more about purchasing Coins.


Important notes

  • You can use several different Boosters at the same time.
  • Please note that the Boosters are for instant use. You cannot save them for later.


If you buy 3 Instant Magnifier simultaneously, 1 Booster will be used for each of the next 3 Crime Scenes you will play.


  • Use Instant Magnifier at the beginning of a Crime Scene to learn where all the objects are
  • Use the 5 Hints and the x6 Combo Starter to increase your score
  • The 5 Hints Booster is better used when your Partner has only a few Hints
  • If you made a mistake when purchasing Boosters, close the game before clicking on "Play!". When you reload the game you will have both your Energy and your Coins back.
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